From its Italian cafes inspired interior design, to fairy lights and wooden decor in the outdoor seating; from thin crust pizzas to fresh delightful coolers in the menu, Casa Bella Vista is a place that must be in your wish list.

casa bella vista chandigarh, chandigarh

Last week I visited this cool friendly place, with a European cafes vibe and famous for the Italian food that it serves.

priyanka vats, casa bella vista, chandigarh

I really liked the interior decor of the place. There’s a beautiful seating arrangement with colorful cushions, wall paintings and cute little lamps in the corners on the one side.

priyanka vats, casa bella vista , chandigarh

On the other side, there’s a wood-fired oven where fresh thin crust pizzas are baked and nearby it there are wooden racks, put near the wall where a lot of cute little attractive things are arranged in them. The first time when my eyes fell on this creativity, I was mesmerized and was like dude I really want to open a cafe with some vintage decor in it. There are small colorful and printed kettles, flowers filled baskets, some inspirational books, jars filled with a variety of teas that u may find nowhere else, boho bags hanging and many more things.

priyanka vats, casa bella vista, chandigarh

These things make it unique somehow. If u ask me then I would say that this corner was the highlight of this place for me.

Talking about the food in Casa Bella Vista, there are pizzas, pasta, crepe, bruschetta, fresh juices, smoothies, desserts and many more dishes on the menu. I loved the pizza that was whole wheat base and freshly baked in the wood-fired oven. The food made me feel alive. It has a vegetarian menu with a range of Italian and Mediterranean food so no alcohol and non-veg is there on the menu. And the staff is courteous and hospitable.

casa bella vista, chandigarh, pizza

The outdoor seating looks quite normal in the daytime but if you visit the place in the evening the vibe is completely different and magical. The whole area is decorated with string lights, lamps, and candles. Floral vintage decor, fairy lights wrapped around the stems of trees and good music just attract you towards them.

priyanka vats, casa bella vista, chandigarh

priyanka vats, casa bella vista, chandigarh

So you must visit Casa Bella Vista because the vibe that this place has is nowhere else. If this post helps you and you guys visit this place then don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.


Location: 533, Udyan path, Sector 10D, Chandigarh.

casa bella vista, chandigarhcasa bella vista, chandigarh

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Sudiksha · July 8, 2018 at 2:02 pm

Fabulous pics ….and the place is really nice to visit the same <3

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